The Gardens (Weekend Shoot)

This is a collection of the best shots from my visit to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. My goal with flowers and butterflies and such is to experiment with showing texture and detail, even up to the point where you can no longer tell what the photo is of (see Banana Tree and Leaf). Enjoy!

Solitude (Day 5)

Hidden Dock in Gardens

A hidden dock at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

This is another image from my shoot at the Botanical Gardens, but I thought it (kinda) fit with the theme since there are so many hidden nooks and crannies set up in the Gardens that you can feel perfectly alone even when surrounded by hundreds of other families.

Having already taken a Photography Class in school, I knew a little bit about the Rule of Thirds already, and use it a lot in my photos. For example, the couple is on the one-third line from the right, the trees take the two-thirds line from the bottom, and the bridge ends on the one-third line from the left. Yay for the power of three!

Bliss (Day 4)

Cows in the Mud  - taken June 11, 2015

Cows in the Mud – taken June 11, 2015

Although I personally love horses and cats more than I love cows, I had this picture in mind (sorta) before I set out on my bike in humid, sunny heat on Thursday to find an idyllic farm to photograph. I had a different vista in mind, which actually didn’t quite work out the way I thought as my point of access didn’t offer anything worth shooting. However, on the way down there I saw these cows hanging out in their mudhole. They appeared quite happy to me, and I figured this could be a version of Bliss – relaxing in the shade on a sunny day, deep in the cool mud, taking a nap next to all your buddies. So this is Bliss…. for cows.

Water (Day 3)


So, oops! I got behind on my assignments for this course! I had taken some shots for this post but none of them were really any good, so I kept putting it off and putting it off until I went for a photo shoot at a local Botanical Garden. I went off on my own on a rock by the side of the pond across from the Children’s Garden and noticed the lovely reflecting surface of the water – how it made all the colors a little more vibrant while maintaining clarity since there was little wind. And thus I snapped this shot.

Personally, I love water. I love bathing and swimming and looking at it – admiring waterfalls and oceans and even puddles. I think it is amazing how this one substance supports all of the life on Earth. And even though it can be dangerous, I still like to show off its beauty in my photos.

I Feel Cheated

backpacking gilmore

This is just a short rant-like piece about an extremely minor and almost first-world problem-type disappointment I had today – since I’m supposed to be opening up more and sharing stuff like this, right?. As you may know based on a post from yesterday, I recently graduated high school, and am going to start University next year. This causes some angst, naturally. Minor freak outs. Feelings of not being prepared. Denial and procrastination that won’t help anything and may hinder it.

I also happened to be binge-watching The Gilmore Girls today while cleaning up my room – something to pass the time and keep the house from getting too quiet, no? I reached season 4, episode 1, and found myself feeling cheated. I expected that Rory would have time to have a minor freakout after getting back from Europe and before being bundled off to Yale. Instead – how lucky! – she realizes she wrote the date down wrong and orientation is in three days. Not enough time to flip out, sitting alone in her room in the middle of the night – in fact, that’s barely enough time to buy all the things necessary and to pack it all ready to go!

I guess this is my reward for relying on a TV show to teach me my way through life, no? Anyway, felt I should share my inane little temper tantrum with you in the hopes that it will illicit a laugh or two or start some sort of discussion.

Chance Encounters

I went for a (5-mile) walk with my mother this evening and met some lovely fauna along the way, which I did my best to document without scaring them too much!


I’m especially proud of this one because I managed to capture the lovely orange evening sunbeams, even if the bunny is a little understated in the photo. It captures the serenity of the evening even without the addition of the bunny.


Although this one is not the best laid out and could do with a little cropping, I was excited that I actually caught the bunny in mid-leap since he was moving at such a fast clip.


I almost chose this photo for my Photography 101 photo assignment of “Street,” but I felt that as pretty as it is, it is still a pretty conventional view of a road and that it could still be shared here.


I was disappointed to find that the camera had focused on the leaf and not the butterfly – but I was still glad to have captured this little beauty as the majority of the butterflies in the area fluttered away as soon as I entered a five foot radius of their surroundings!


I almost used this one for my street assignment as well! I was very happy with the capturing of the sun – but the rest of the photo wasn’t quite up to par. It was still worthy of sharing!


I was inspired the other day by Merry Hearts Medicine’s post about strange photographer selfies and thought this was a fun photo to capture! I almost considered using this for the Photography 101 Water Assignment, but figured I could take something better tomorrow. I found a deep puddle filled with miniscule tadpoles, and in trying to capture them in my shadow, I ended up take a selfie (kinda)!


At first glance this photo may be a little confusing and I almost didn’t share it because it’s not great photography but since this is my blog and I figured I’d share my findings from my walk, I wanted to a say a little bit about this moss. The moss is in the second stage of its life cycle – the sporophytic stage. You can tell because of the little stalks sticking out of it (in this picture, the yellow dots). The sporophytic generation is a non-dominant occurrence, meaning most of the time the moss looks normal. It also means the plant is diploid – or has two sets of chromosomes (like humans, and most things) – instead of being haploid like it normally is.

I only thought this was worth sharing because I actually knew this information. I took AP Biology my senior year and had the most wonderful teacher – and for some reason all the info about plants really stuck with me. I knew he would be pleased that I retained this useful piece of information and was able to point it out to myself, and I thought it was fun that I could recognize it.

Anyway enough of me spouting scientific jargon at you. I hope you enjoyed these (out of order) photos of my little adventure this evening!

Street (Day 2)


I took some liberty with my definition of a street for this prompt and included an access road (a trail, really) rather than an actual paved street. My mom and I went on a 5-mile walk so I could show her my running route and we could get some nice pictures as well (she also has a blog since I may or may not have wheedled her into it – Travels and Tails), and since this was the last stretch of our walk, I unofficially named this piece “Only a Mile or Two Left!” I had the staging of this picture in my head the whole time and all that was left was for the lighting to turn out well. Unfortunately, the sun had just gotten down behind the trees leaving me with soft lighting and a sort of cool, overcast tone which I am also pleased with. I realized after the fact that this picture also works well since her shirt is a contrasting color from all the green of the flora around her, so that was an added bonus.

I did get some other nice shots, including one of a slightly terrified bunny who really didn’t understand these creatures who were giving it a wide berth but clicking incessantly and staring at it as they went. Although this one won for the assignment, I’ve posted them under my photography page since I think they are good as well.

I really enjoyed this prompt as it helped me get out of the house and go for a walk in some lovely natural areas easily accessible to me – even though I met two giant spiders and I am not the 8-legged arachnid’s biggest fan. And it was good to have some time shared with my mother.