Hello world!

Hello, world! This post is like a chick’s first view of the world just as it has cracked open its egg – there are so many things to do, pages to see, words to write down….

For now, I’m hoping this blog can be a conglomeration of works and art pieces and tidbits. Possibly, I will eventually start to direct it towards something or other as I find my way around the world and start to develop opinions on things. As far as longer works like novels, I plan for the present to continue publishing them on Wattpad – as that is the most user-friendly novel/long story publishing arena that I have found so far. I hope to write about any and everything I find in the world around me because the world is big and beautiful and writing helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings about everything I encounter.

Why did I take the leap from private journal to public blog? I took that enormous, unpredictable, yet possibly hugely gratifying leap because my work deserves to be shared and it is always good to get public discussion and commentary on the things that roam around in my head.

Hopefully, over time, this blog will mark my growth as a writer, artist, and useful specimen of the species Homo sapiens, and enable me to connect with young writers and philosophes around the world

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