I fear death

but who doesn’t?

It takes time to come

to terms with the great Unknown –

because nobody ever died

and came back to tell us how it was.


I fear pain

because pain leads to death

and when you’re in pain

you don’t know if it’s permanent

or temporary

but it’s all you can think about.


I fear failure

because failure leads to pain

(which leads to death)

and because it means

you’re not the best – that you’re not

worth the suffering it took to get there.


I fear trust

because trust too leads to pain

especially when it’s broken

so I shut them out

they can’t hurt me

in a world where i’m the strongest.


I fear society

not only because

it breaks your trust

but because it’s

killing itself quickly and inevitably,

taking you down with it.


I fear knowledge

because it shows

the evils of the world

but I fear ignorance more –

knowledge feeds me

as it kills me.


I fear loneliness

yet it’s ever present –

you can’t fear two opposites

without one showing

up and grinning

over your shoulder


I fear

the things I love most

because they too

will leave me

will hurt me

if I trust them too much.

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