Life (5 years)

– Grow up and be a superhero

– Be a princess too

– Ride horses, all the time, 24/7

Life (10 years)

– Go to college

– Make lots of money

– Ride Lippizaner Stallions

Life (15 years)

– Date Jason Burkley

– Be Popular

– Ride in the Olympics

Life (17 years)

– Get into a good college

– Figure out Life

– Travel the world

Life (23 years)

– Get a reputable job

– Get married?

– Get rid of these headaches or migraines or whatever they are.

– Get back into riding

Life (28 years)

– Get my life back into order

– Overcome the seizures, vertigo and fatigue

– Go on a big trip with my husband

Life (33 years)

– Win this battle

– Grow back my hair to longer than before

– Have a kid

Life (33.5 years)

– Tell my mother I love her

– Walk on my feet

– Give my husband a hug

Life (33.6 years)

– See more of the world than from the square of my window

Life (33.65 years)

– Breathe on my own


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.

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