Requiem (or maybe a Revival) for All the Books I Ever Wrote

Over the years, I have accumulated a good number of false starts on “books” (quotations exist simply because they’re not quite worthy of bookdom) – and I feel they all deserve a little bit of honor so today I will write blurbs for all the successful books (and series) I ever made a significant effort on and wrote down.

Fantasia – Book 1 of the VitaeĀ Series

Have you ever wished to have gods and unicorns as your best friends? To be able to go on all the brave questing adventures talked about in fairy tales? To meet and tame your own personal Pegasus before battling teleporting villains and fierce cave monsters?

Welcome to Fantasia, only accessible by those who believe. The starting ground for the magic of Vitae, Fantasia ensures you can survive on your own (with some divine intervention of course and maybe even the help of a talking cat) as you embark on progressively more difficult quests. Follow Clara as she finds her way through the caves of Hephaestus, battles horrors on John’s island and defeats the villains of the Forgotten Forest with her trusty sidekicks there to back her up.

Vitae Series Blurb

Everyone goes through certain stages of life that get progressively more treacherous and difficult as you go through them – with roller coaster ups and downs that make you feel like you’re on top of the world or in the pits of despair.

For Clara, a True Believer, these stages take the form of three islands. Fantasia – where she builds up her stamina by taming the world to her needs (with the help of some divine beings); Castalia – where teenage dreams come true but everything gets that much more dangerous; and Medalia – where treachery is common and you have to fight to the top and fight to stay there. Follow her as she discovers just how difficult, yet exhilarating, life can be.

The Scarlet Cloak (Book 1 in the Phantom World 2 Series)

After all three having the world’s most realistic nightmares, best friends Victor, Louise, and Roy suddenly find themselves in a parallel world terrorized by an evil king – but apparently they already have roles and instincts in this strange new place that they had no idea existed. Louise finds herself filling the shoes of the most celebrated hero (in the peasant’s eyes) who is wanted dead or alive by Lord Morior while Victor discovers he is heir to the throne after his brother and Roy suffers a serious inferiority complex that nearly drives him mad. Guided by a wise (and also wanted) warrior named Sagatus, the three take on this strange new world all at once and suffer the consequences of doing so.

Phantom World 2 Series Blurb

In Book 1, our three unlikely heroes work together to make allies and an army to battle Lord Morior and his nearly perfect army.

In Book 2, they find themselves fighting each other as ruling a kingdom and simultaneously dealing with teenage hormones don’t always mix that well.

In Book 3, the final showdown occurs between this divided trio and the resurrected Dead Lord (Morior) and his wife and most feared henchmen who have come to take vengeance for their lost realm.

In the Final Hours

Facing an unknown but certainly fatal threat, a group of people are brought together to hide in the trenches they dug to shield themselves. They face inward conflict and external gunfire, alongside sparks of romance and a sense of impending doom, as they learn to work together to hopefully defeat this mysterious enemy.

and finally,

The Unforgiving

After her parents are brutally murdered by a tattooed stranger, Sinead Morian joins the Wraith Services to combat the darkest evil of New York City. However, as time goes on, shocking secrets about her past are revealed, and she begins to question just how “good” the Wraith Services are, and the true story behind her parents’ deaths.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “BYOB(ookworm).”

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