Hello World! – Take 2?

As a part of Blogging 101, the wonderful course offered by the Daily Post Blogging University, our first task is to set goals – to write a similar post to the first prompt they ever gave us back at the beginning of our blogging career. Having only blogged for four months or so, and at that irregularly, I thought I’d set some new goals, take another stab at doing this blogging thing. For review, and for people who don’t want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog, I figured I’d copy my original statement here:

Hello, world! This post is like a chick’s first view of the world just as it has cracked open its egg – there are so many things to do, pages to see, words to write down….

For now, I’m hoping this blog can be a conglomeration of works and art pieces and tidbits. Possibly, I will eventually start to direct it towards something or other as I find my way around the world and start to develop opinions on things. As far as longer works like novels, I plan for the present to continue publishing them on Wattpad – as that is the most user-friendly novel/long story publishing arena that I have found so far. I hope to write about any and everything I find in the world around me because the world is big and beautiful and writing helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings about everything I encounter.

Why did I take the leap from private journal to public blog? I took that enormous, unpredictable, yet possibly hugely gratifying leap because my work deserves to be shared and it is always good to get public discussion and commentary on the things that roam around in my head.

Hopefully, over time, this blog will mark my growth as a writer, artist, and useful specimen of the species Homo sapiens, and enable me to connect with young writers and philosophes around the world.

Well. Wasn’t I just the optimistic sort. Enough reminiscing, I suppose – it’s time to get down to business.

Who am I? And why am I here?

I am female member of Homo sapiens who just graduated high school. I love writing and reading and creating art and riding and music and… let me stop myself before I bore you. Put simply, I am you – a person who’s ready to share her ideas with the world, maybe tell a story, maybe just show off a teensy bit.

Why am I here? Frankly, I don’t even know. My friend Heather (who also has a blog: Heather E. Walton) and I were bored sitting around waiting for Government class to start, so she grabbed my laptop and started signing me up for a WordPress account. All she wanted was for me to put my poems out there – she disagreed with my self-criticalness (is that even a word – never mind, you know what I mean) towards the words I’d written and was physically pushing me to put stuff out there. I quickly caught on and started branching out and enjoying it.

So here I am – an overly critical writer (but aren’t we all) who loves dashes – can’t you tell – and parentheses (pretty sure you’ve noticed that one) who just needs a little guidance and motivation to get her blog started. To continue with the assignment….

Why am I blogging publicly instead of keeping a personal journal? I am keeping a personal journal. It holds what I’m feeling and what happened  and all sorts of similar memories. Did I miss a memo about what my blog holds? Oops, rewind… I’m not really the type of person who actively shares parts of my life with other people, but it would be good for me to be more open about things, so I figured I’d start with my brain-children – stories, rants, photos – and take it from there. In prediction of the future when I share things about myself I created a page to put posts on. But until then, I’m content like this. I’ll get there, someday.

What topics do I think I’ll write about? Hmm. To avoid the general answer of: EVERYTHING, I figure I’ll narrow it down a bit more. I’ll write about the daily prompts I’m given. I’ll write op-ed pieces about subjects that relate to my life like maybe a comparison between women in Morocco and women here (that’s been sitting in my draft box for a long time). I’ll write a personal piece or two on how I’m feeling, or some big topic that’s roiling around my head like the boulder from Indiana Jones that I just need to get out onto “paper”. I’ll write little bits about the art I share and the poems I post. And who knows where I’ll be in six months, you know?

Who would I love to connect with via my blog? Anyone, really, if we’re honest here. Since I can’t drive and I live in the middle of nowhere, I don’t spend a lot of actual time with any friends from school. I love getting feedback on and about my blog – comments, likes, follows (again, who doesn’t, really?) because it makes me feel like someone is actually reading it – sheer view count could mean someone clicked by accident and simply pressed the back button. If I’m really dreaming, I’d love to connect with some really good bloggers. Back when I was an active member of Wattpad (And I still try to be – halfheartedly), I always looked up to Erin Latimer, who wrote good fantasy literature, and had a youtube channel with some other writers. When I found she had a blog, I followed her immediately. Someday I would love to actually connect with her rather than follow her on every form of social media, which feels to me just a tad bit stalkerish. But, all in all, I’d just like to extend my web a little bit and get some regular followers.

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what would I hope to have accomplished? That’s a big, big if. My hope of accomplishment is to simply blog successfully throughout the year…. but in an actual answer to the question, I’d like to have written continuously for a good bit of time. I’d like to see improvement in my photography skills. I’d like to have a few likes and comments. But most of all I want to enjoy the process of writing, because that’s what really matters.

I’ve written about a thousand words or so about myself now – I hope I can accomplish these sort of goals as we go along – even when I go to college in the fall. And I’m sure Blogging 101 is going to help me get a head start on that, for sure.

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