Chance Encounters

I went for a (5-mile) walk with my mother this evening and met some lovely fauna along the way, which I did my best to document without scaring them too much!


I’m especially proud of this one because I managed to capture the lovely orange evening sunbeams, even if the bunny is a little understated in the photo. It captures the serenity of the evening even without the addition of the bunny.


Although this one is not the best laid out and could do with a little cropping, I was excited that I actually caught the bunny in mid-leap since he was moving at such a fast clip.


I almost chose this photo for my Photography 101 photo assignment of “Street,” but I felt that as pretty as it is, it is still a pretty conventional view of a road and that it could still be shared here.


I was disappointed to find that the camera had focused on the leaf and not the butterfly – but I was still glad to have captured this little beauty as the majority of the butterflies in the area fluttered away as soon as I entered a five foot radius of their surroundings!


I almost used this one for my street assignment as well! I was very happy with the capturing of the sun – but the rest of the photo wasn’t quite up to par. It was still worthy of sharing!


I was inspired the other day by Merry Hearts Medicine’s post about strange photographer selfies and thought this was a fun photo to capture! I almost considered using this for the Photography 101 Water Assignment, but figured I could take something better tomorrow. I found a deep puddle filled with miniscule tadpoles, and in trying to capture them in my shadow, I ended up take a selfie (kinda)!


At first glance this photo may be a little confusing and I almost didn’t share it because it’s not great photography but since this is my blog and I figured I’d share my findings from my walk, I wanted to a say a little bit about this moss. The moss is in the second stage of its life cycle – the sporophytic stage. You can tell because of the little stalks sticking out of it (in this picture, the yellow dots). The sporophytic generation is a non-dominant occurrence, meaning most of the time the moss looks normal. It also means the plant is diploid – or has two sets of chromosomes (like humans, and most things) – instead of being haploid like it normally is.

I only thought this was worth sharing because I actually knew this information. I took AP Biology my senior year and had the most wonderful teacher – and for some reason all the info about plants really stuck with me. I knew he would be pleased that I retained this useful piece of information and was able to point it out to myself, and I thought it was fun that I could recognize it.

Anyway enough of me spouting scientific jargon at you. I hope you enjoyed these (out of order) photos of my little adventure this evening!

3 thoughts on “Chance Encounters

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  2. I tried to take a photo like that in a puddle to add another selfie to the post you mentioned, but I wasn’t happy enough with it to use it. Now seeing YOUR post has inspired me to use it! I’m not sure if it’s worth putting on there, but I liked yours — especially with the tadpoles.

    I’m going to go add that photo to my selfies post. Thanks for looking at my blog.

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  3. Great photos, I really like the one of the bunny mid hop. And about the moss my boyfriend is a biologist and he tells me all sorts of stuff about plants I always like it when I’ve remembered something and am able to recount it when I see said plant. Even though biology is not my strong point I do think it can be very interesting. 🙂

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