I Feel Cheated

backpacking gilmore

This is just a short rant-like piece about an extremely minor and almost first-world problem-type disappointment I had today – since I’m supposed to be opening up more and sharing stuff like this, right?. As you may know based on a post from yesterday, I recently graduated high school, and am going to start University next year. This causes some angst, naturally. Minor freak outs. Feelings of not being prepared. Denial and procrastination that won’t help anything and may hinder it.

I also happened to be binge-watching The Gilmore Girls today while cleaning up my room – something to pass the time and keep the house from getting too quiet, no? I reached season 4, episode 1, and found myself feeling cheated. I expected that Rory would have time to have a minor freakout after getting back from Europe and before being bundled off to Yale. Instead – how lucky! – she realizes she wrote the date down wrong and orientation is in three days. Not enough time to flip out, sitting alone in her room in the middle of the night – in fact, that’s barely enough time to buy all the things necessary and to pack it all ready to go!

I guess this is my reward for relying on a TV show to teach me my way through life, no? Anyway, felt I should share my inane little temper tantrum with you in the hopes that it will illicit a laugh or two or start some sort of discussion.

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