Street (Day 2)


I took some liberty with my definition of a street for this prompt and included an access road (a trail, really) rather than an actual paved street. My mom and I went on a 5-mile walk so I could show her my running route and we could get some nice pictures as well (she also has a blog since I may or may not have wheedled her into it – Travels and Tails), and since this was the last stretch of our walk, I unofficially named this piece “Only a Mile or Two Left!” I had the staging of this picture in my head the whole time and all that was left was for the lighting to turn out well. Unfortunately, the sun had just gotten down behind the trees leaving me with soft lighting and a sort of cool, overcast tone which I am also pleased with. I realized after the fact that this picture also works well since her shirt is a contrasting color from all the green of the flora around her, so that was an added bonus.

I did get some other nice shots, including one of a slightly terrified bunny who really didn’t understand these creatures who were giving it a wide berth but clicking incessantly and staring at it as they went. Although this one won for the assignment, I’ve posted them under my photography page since I think they are good as well.

I really enjoyed this prompt as it helped me get out of the house and go for a walk in some lovely natural areas easily accessible to me – even though I met two giant spiders and I am not the 8-legged arachnid’s biggest fan. And it was good to have some time shared with my mother.

2 thoughts on “Street (Day 2)

  1. I’m like you! I tend to have the staging for a picture/ choreo for a dance piece/ pattern for a sewing project etc in my head for ages before I have the chance to actually bring it to fruition, haha


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